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Project Details | Expected Occupancy 2030

Kinawa and Chippewa Middle Schools will be replaced with two connected buildings on the Chippewa site. Fifth through sixth grade and seventh through eighth grade will remain separate with dedicated parent and bus drop-off loops yet will share some amenities such as a state-of-the-art auditorium. Additional features will include outdoor learning spaces and natural pathways throughout the site.


A portion of the current Chippewa Middle School will be renovated and used as part of the new shared space between the new middle schools. Significant additions will be made to construct the two schools.

The district is reviewing the scope of the entire 2022 bond as we focus on the costs of our major projects and the escalation of inflation and supply costs. During this review, we will be prioritizing health, safety, and student impact as we work to meet as many needs as possible. 

Design Schedule



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